The Risk of Buying a Home Without a Real-Estate Agent

If you are thinking about buying a home, chances are you have questioned whether you need a real estate agent or not. Real estate agents in film and television are often portrayed in a negative light, which naturally leads to a perception that they may be untrustworthy. There are also no laws requiring you to use an agent, so what’s the point? Why bother?

In reality, trying to buy a home without a real estate agent can carry risks and lead to issues that you may not be aware of. There are plenty of good, honest agents out there who focus on what is best for their clients. The benefits of having a fantastic buyers agent are immeasurable.

Buying a home is a big deal – maybe the most significant transaction you ever deal with. You should be aware of the risks before you decide to buy without representation, because you may discover that the potential problems of going solo outweigh the possible benefits. Buying a home without a real estate agent can be financial suicide if you’re not careful!

Buyers need to keep a few things in mind. An exceptional buyer’s agent represents your best interests. The agent owes the buyer undivided loyalty, confidentiality, reasonable care, obedience to lawful instruction and accountability.

The best buyer’s agents put your needs above their own. When you go out to purchase your home without an agent, you lose all of these things.

The biggest problems occur when a buyer tries to purchase a for sale by owner home without a Realtor.